Julia Mackay

December 25, 2012

a J. Beagles & Co postcard photograph of Julia Mackay (otherwise Julie Mackay) (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century), American vaudeville/music hall singer and entertainer (photo: Durham’s Ltd, probably UK, circa 1900)

The Grand Theatre, Bolton, England, week beginning, Monday, 27 March 1899. ‘An extraordinarily attractive programme is presented here this week, including Miss Julia Mackay, an American artist with a pleasing voice and manner, who, on Monday last, took the house by storm, and had again and again to respond to the calls of the audience for encores. Other turns are Pat Rafferty, Irish comedian; Joe Wesley, burlesque Negro comedian and dancer; the Two Florettas (Gertrude and Willie), acrobatic performers; the Sisters Giannini, operatic vocalists; Fred Tryon, character comedian; Sibb and Sibb, double trapeze artists; Arthur Gleno, actor-vocalist; Miss Edith St. Clare, serio[-comic]; and Harland and Rollison, musical grotesques.’ (The Era, London, Saturday, 1 April, 1899, p. 21c)

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