Frances Kapstowne

December 25, 2012

Frances Kapstowne (fl. early 20th Century), South African actress, singer and ‘society entertainer’ as Eva in The Girls of Gottenberg, a part created by Gladys Cooper, Gaiety Theatre, London, 28 March 1908 (photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, 1908/1909)

‘Miss Frances Kapstowne, who is about to leave England for a tour of the music halls in South Africa, her native land, is one of the prettiest and most talented little ladies associated with the lighter musical stage, and one of the best mimics the gentler sex can boast. She will be remembered for her excellent work in several of the Empire [Leicester Square] revues and it will also be recalled that she was the heroine of a remarkable ”sensation” a year or two ago. Expected as usual at the Empire Theatre one evening to take her part in the revue then running, Miss Kapstowne failed to make her appearance and for several days, in spite of efforts of her friends and the newspapers, she was ”missing.” Eventually she ”discovered” herself walking along the cliffs on the coast of Cornwall, utterly unable to explain how she came there, her unpleasant and extraordinary adventure being due to loss of memory.’ (The Throne, London, Monday, 22 May 1912, p. 305b)

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