Daisy Dormer, English music hall comedienne, circa 1925

December 27, 2012

Daisy Dormer (1883-1947), English music hall comedienne (photo: Navana, London, mid 1920s)

This halftone cigarette card of Daisy Dormer was published in England during the mid 1920s by R. & J. Hill Ltd as no.29 in its ‘Music Hall Celebrities Past & Present,’ first series. The legend on the reverse reads,

‘Miss DAISY DORMER started her stage career at the age of six years at Portsmouth, where she appeared as a Dancer. She afterwards came to London and appeared at the Tivoli and Oxford Music Halls, singing that famous song, “The Little Wooden Hut” [i.e. ‘I Wouldn’t Leave My Little Wooden Hut for You’] ‘which she, incidentally, purchased from the composer for the sum of £2 2s. Another of her outstanding successes was that War-time song, “My Home in Tennessee,” ‘which she sang as a pathetic crying song. This re-established her in the West End. She was a very popular figure in Drury Lane Pantomimes [sic], and her best songs include :- “The Girl in the Clogs and Shawl.” [and] “Good Night, Mr. Brown, I’m Out.”’

The Drury Lane pantomime (sic) referred to was Hop o’ My Thumb (26 December 1911) in which Daisy Dormer played Zaza, Queen of Mnemonica. She appeared in a number of other, provincial pantomimes and other songs in her repertoire included ‘I’m Going, I’m Going, I’m Gone’, ‘I Want a Girl’, ‘Mister Johnson’, ‘I Do Like You, Susie’ and ‘I Wish I Lived Next Door to You’.


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