Ludwig Amann

December 28, 2012

Ludwig Amann (b. 1855), German impersonator (photo: Hana, London, circa 1899)

Palace Theatre, Bordesley, near Birmingham, July 1906

‘Ludwig Amann, who tops the bill at Bordesley Palace this week, is a man of many faces. In fact he can impersonate anyone. He depends only and solely upon the mobility and extraordinary flexibility of his features. Mr. Amann was born in Munich in 1855. Once he was performing in Odessa, and one evening received an anonymous note, which read: ”Study Gen. Gourko.” He improved the hour before going to the theatre in studying and impersonating the autocrat. When about to begin the evening’s performance, a detachment of police arrested M. Amann. Without a word of explanation he was led through the streets to Gen. Gourko’s Palace. ”You impersonate celebrated men,” he roared, ”impersonate.” Summoning all his nerve, M. Amann turned to the General a duplicate of his own face and overbearing manner; Gourko burst into a roar of laughter, and the ordeal was over.’ (The Birmingham Owl, Birmingham, Friday, 3 August 1906, p. 11a/b)


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