Rita Barrington as The Blue Bird in Jack and the Beanstalk, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1899

December 30, 2012

Rita Barrington (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century), English dancer, a pupil of John D’Auban, as she appeared as The Blue Bird in the pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, 26 December 1899 (photo: Hana, London, 1899/1900)

AMUSEMENTS IN BIRMINGHAM … GRAND THEATRE. Proprietor and Manager, Mr J. W. Turner. – Mr Dan Leno is attracting huge houses here, where he is the life and soul of the new musical farce, In Gay Piccadilly, which is being played for the first time in Birmingham by Mr Milton Bode’s company. The many disguises he assumes in his rôle of a comic detective, his patter, and his extraordinary antics are excruciatingly funny. Mr Dan Leno is well supported by Mr Johnnie Danvers as Ebenezer Tinketop, Mr. George Sinclair, and Mr Tim Riley. Miss Florence Darley, Miss Emily Stevens, and Miss Lillie Young all played well. Miss Beatrice Willey sang very sweetly as Lady Molly, and Miss Adie Boyne, a clever little comedienne, created much fun as Gladys Ada; and mention must be made of the exceedingly pretty dance which was beautifully executed by Miss Rita Barrington.’ (The Era, London, Saturday, 11 November 1899, p. 23a)


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