Gabrielle Ray in pantomime

January 12, 2013

Gabrielle Ray (1883-1973), English musical comedy dancer and actress,
to appear as Maid Marian in the pantomime, Babes in the Wood,
Prince’s Theatre, Bradford, Christmas, 1919
(photo: Rita Martin, London, 1919; Sunday Chronicle Pantomime Annual, London, 1919/20, p. 17)

‘Gabrielle Ray.
‘That charming musical comedy favourite, Gabrielle Ray, when the latest English mail left London, had been engaged at an immense salary to play principal girl at Bradford.’
(‘Music and Stage [By Bohemian],’ The Register, Adelaide, South Australia, Saturday, 6 December 1919, p. 5c)

‘Lucky Bradford! I see that the ever-charming Gabrielle Ray, who is returning to the stage, is to be principal girl at the Princess [sic] Theatre pantomime. What a ”rage” her portrait has always been! One company alone, I am told sold between seven and ten million post-cards of her in over a thousand different poses.’
(The Daily News, Perth, Western Australia, Tuesday, 17 February 1920, p. 6c)

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