Juliette Belmont, American entertainer and singing violinist

January 18, 2013

Juliette Belmont (fl. circa 1915-1925),
American entertainer and singing violinist
(photo: Hert’s, Kansas City, circa 1917)

‘“Juliette,” Gypsy Violinist, has left vaudeville and entered burlesque and is doing very nicely with the 20th Century Maids. she is under the direction of Jacobs and Jerman, seasons 1917-18-19-20. New Year’s work she will be seen at the Columbia Theatre, New York City.’
(The New York Clipper, Xmas edition, New York, Wednesday, 19 December 1917, p.43)

‘… Madlyn Worth is the soubret. She carries herself pretty well but hasn’t any voice to speak of and her dancing is of ordinary calibre. She’s not a bit ashamed to show her legs in some coverings that made them ever conspicuous. As they are not bad to look at that helps. Juliette Belmont is another principal who gets quite a workout, her main forte apparently being her ability, vocal numbers being used one minute and violin the next (the instrument was used in a speciality). Juliette runs strong to plumes for hair dress and does her best to always look neat and nifty despite her plumpness. Her voice is of high range but she’s inclined at times to mash her words, making it hard to distinguish what the number is about.’
(‘Burlesque,’ Variety, New York, Thursday, 29 November 1918, p. 10a)

Golden Crook Is Burlesque Offering.
The Golden Crook is the burlesque offering at the Berchel [Theatre, Des Moines] starting today.
‘Billy Arlington heads the list of comedians with the attraction. Louise Barlow is soubrette, and the cast included further Juliette Belmont, singing violinist, and the Pall Mall Trio.’
(Des Moines Capital, Des Moines, Iowa, Sunday, 21 March 1920, p.8Ba)

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