Lola Hawthorne, American vaudeville actress and singer

January 18, 2013

Lola Hawthorne (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century)
American vaudeville actress and singer, a sister of Lil Hawthorne (1877-1926)
(photo: unknown, circa 1905)

Eddie Foy on tour in Off the Earth, with Sadie McDonald, Kate Uart, Lola and Lillian Hawthorne, Joseph Doner, Henry Carter, et al, Grand Theatre, Decatur, Illinois, March 1895
‘On Tuesday evening, the 19th, at the Grand, Eddie Foy’s success in the new and revised edition of the fantastic operatic travesty, Off the Earth, will be presented. The production is said to be one of the finest in point of scenic beauty ever witnessed here, and the costumes and surroundings are beautiful in the extreme. The story is quaintly amusing, and Foy in the character of Cluster, an up-to-date cash boy, contributes one of the funniest performances he has ever given. The company numbers nearly 100, among the principals being Sadie McDonald, Kate Uart, Lola Hawthorne, Madeline Morando, Lillian Hawthorne, Joseph Doner, H.W. Tredenick, Henry Carter, and a recently imported Russian equilibrist, Sadi Alfaradi, whose act is said to border on the marvelous.’
(The Daily Republican, Decatur, Illinois, Saturday, 16 March 1895, p.3d)

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