‘Bonnie’ Kate Harvey, English music hall serio-comic, circa 1894

January 20, 2013

‘Bonnie’ Kate Harvey (fl.1880s/1890s),
English music hall serio-comic singer
(photo: James Bacon, Newcastle on Tyne, circa 1894)

‘Mr. Fred. Fordham sang a song with the chorus ”I tickled her and she tickled me,” … He was succeeded by Miss Kate Harvey, who deserves to be reckoned one of the brightest and best of the newest serio-comic ladies. Her appearance is very pleasing. She has a comely face and a good figure. Her dresses are excellent. She sings well, and her manner is free and vivacious, without being rough. ”Down in the lane by the old toll gate” was her first essay. In her second she sang of many things she would rather be than ”An old man’s darling.” Thirdly, she was a girl in a pinafore – say, a minx of sixteen – singing ”It might have been naughty, but you have all done the same.” In response to warm and prolonged applause, Miss Harvey came on a fourth time, and sang of ”A Bonnie Boy in Blue.” She is evidently a favourite.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 23 November 1879, p. 4a)


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