January 21, 2013

Josef König and Mizzi Zwerenz
in an incident from Die keusche Susanne,
Carltheater, Vienna, 18 March 1911
(photo: L. Gutmann, Vienna, 1911)

This real photograph postcard, published in Vienna in 1911, is of Josef König and Mizzi Zwerenz in the operetta, Die keusche Susanne by Georg Okonkowski, with music by Jean Gilbert. The piece, which was originally produced at the Wilhelm-Theater, Magdeburg, on 26 February 1910, was first seen in Berlin at the Neues Operetten-Theater on 6 August 1911. The English adaptation, entitled The Girl in the Taxi, by Frederick Fenn and Arthur Wimperis, was first seen at the Lyric Theatre, London, on 5 September 1912, when the part of Susanne was played by Yvonne Arnaud.

For further information, see Kurt Gänzl, The Encyclopedia of The Musical Theatre, Blackwell, Oxford, 1994, vol. I, pp. 766-768.


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