La Goulue, Parisian can-can dancer and celebrity

January 23, 2013

La Goulue, “the glutton,” (née Louise Weber, 1870-1929)
Parisian can-can dancer and celebrity
(photo: unknown, probably Paris, circa 1890)

The Moulin Rouge, Paris, to be transformed into a regular music hall; news of La Goulue and other former dancers there, January 1903
‘It is now proposed to transform the notorious Moulin Rouge, at Montmartre, Paris, into an ordinary music hall or something of the kind. The dancing, or “quadrille naturaliste” [i.e. the can-can], as it was termed, has been declining in popularity since the departures of such notes danseuses as La Goulue, Grille d’Egout, Nini Patte en l’Air, and Valentine. Valentine, or, rather Valentine le Desossé [sic], is now the owner of a large livery stable with a number of horses, while La Goulue is in the lion-taming line and keeps a menagerie. Others of the former dancers of the Moulin Rouge have died, or have wearied and settled down as steady family people.’
(The New York Times, New York, Monday, 26 January 1903, p.10e)

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