‘My Girlie Girl’ : Rose Beaumont, American actress and singer

January 24, 2013

Rose Beaumont (fl. early 20th Century),
American actress and singer,
as Gloriana Bird on the song sheet cover of ‘My Girlie Girl,’
words by Felix F. Feist and music by Ted S. Barron,
as sung in the musical comedy The Errand Boy,
produced prior to a tour of the United States
at Haverly’s 14th Street Theatre, New York, 31 October 1904
(photo: unknown, probably New York, 1904;
published by Leo Fiest, New York, 1904)

Billy B. Van in The Errand Boy at the Lafayette Theatre, Washington, D.C., October, 1905
‘In choosing Billy B. Van to head the pretentious organization of comedians, vocalists, and dancers in The Errand Boy the management confesses to a disposition to honor an artist in the character which has served him faithfully in other comedy plays, realizing that the unctuous antics of Patsy Bolivar are well suited to a more pretentious offering. According to reliable reports, there must have been no little difficulty encountered in selecting the bevy of feminine loveliness which participates in the purpose of The Errand Boy, a new comedy elixir, which comes to the Lafayette to-morrow evening for the week. In connection with the principal artists engaged in rendering a plot of mischievous hilarity for perfect understanding, and who, at the same time, lend zest and novelty to the action, Miss Rose Beaumont, whose fame as one of the Beaumont sisters [her sister was Nellie Beaumont], for several seasons a feature with the great Weber & Fields cast, rests secure. She appears as Gloriana Bird, and one of the special musical number “Gloriana,” named for the character, is said to be among the most interesting specimens of her charmingly attractive methods.
‘Florence Sweetman, Edith Hart, Florence Brooks, Frank Evans, Abbott Davidson, Charlie Saxon, Clement Bevins, and others, in conjunction with a powerful chorus, assist in the musical comedy, which is claimed to be something of an innovation. The Errand Boy is a spectacular musical comedy extravaganza, with a unique plot and many tuneful numbers by composers of note, and should prove acceptable to those who delight in light musical entertainment. In how far they have succeeded in departing from beaten paths is denoted by the inspiring press reports, all of which make special observation concerning the funnyisms of Billy B. Van, who leads this company of singers and dancers.’
(The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Sunday, 8 October 1905, Third Part, p.5b)

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