Marie Lloyd, 1914

January 30, 2013

Marie Lloyd (1870-1922), English music hall star,
at about time of her marriage to Bernard Dillon
at the British Consulate in Portland, Oregon, on 21 February 1914
(photo: White, New York, 1914)

‘She’s here: that charming, sparking, clever, fascinating person who has made the name of Marie Lloyd famous on both sides of the Atlantic. It does one’s heart good to watch her reception at the Orpheum this week and so see how loyal are her old country admirers, and they don’t have it all their own way either, for those who have never seen her before simply have to capitulate to the breezy Marie’s inimitable way. You don’t know how she does it, but she does. Incidentally, the public is properly grateful for such generosity as Miss Lloyd displays in being willing to sing a long list of songs, for each one of which she makes a complete and attractive costume change.’
(Manitoba Morning Free Press, Winnipeg, Wednesday, 14 January 1914, p.8b)


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