Marian Cardon

February 7, 2013

a carte de visite photograph of Marion Cardon, otherwise Marian Cardon (fl. late 1860s/1870s,
comedienne and burlesque actress
(photo: H.A. Acton, Cambray Spa, Cheltenham, England, early 1870s)

Queen’s Theatre, Dublin, week commencing Monday, 1 May 1871
‘Miss Marian Cardon and Miss Bessie Cranston commenced an engagement at the Queen’s last night. They are clever and vivacious actresses, and in the pieces selected – the sensation drama The House on the Bridge and the burlesque of Ixion, which has had a long run – they showed their style to the best advantage. They will during their stay be a great addition to the admirable stock company, and the public will have another reason to thank Mr. Wallace for his unceasing efforts to cater successfully for their amusement.’
(Freeman’s Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, Dublin, Tuesday, 2 May 1871, p. 4b)

‘Disengaged for Comedy and Burlesque, for Autumn and Winter Seasons. Address, Post-office, Greenock.
”’Miss Cardon during her career in Dublin has evinced considerable versatility of character.” – Dublin Express.
”’This young lady to a very agreeable personelle unites the most unflagging vivacity, and, whether singing, acting, or dancing, gives the highest satisfaction.” – Dublin Gazette.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 2 June 1872, p. 1a, advertisement)


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