Maud Hobson

February 7, 2013

Maud Hobson (d. 1913),
English actress,
said to be considering
an appearance at the Folies Bergère, 1894
(photo: unknown, probably London, early 1890s)

‘London, August 11 [1894].
‘Miss Maud Hobson, the premier Gaiety girl, has not yet decided whether she will accept the offer of M. Marchand, the proprietor of the Folies Bergere, Paris, to perform a real Honolulu dance, supported by native women. Miss Hobson was married to the late Captain Haley of the hussars, and went with him to Honolulu, where he became commander in chief and prime minister, and she acted in the capacity of lady in waiting to the queen. Consequently Miss Hobson has had every opportunity of studying the Hawaiian dances. She wishes to give one of them at the Princes of Wales’ theatre, but George Edwardes would not give her the necessary permission, saying that, although he was not prudish, he must draw the line at Hawaii.’
(The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, New York, Saturday, 11 August 1894, p.8c)


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