Sisters Levey

February 7, 2013

Sisters Levey (fl. 1890s)
English music hall dancers and singers
(photo: unknown, USA, 1890/91)

This real photograph card was issued in the United States of America by Duke’s in one of the Honest Long Cut series.

As well as appearing in New York during 1890/91, the three Sisters Levey (Adéle, Carlotta & May Lilian), who had made their debut at the at the Trocadero, London, on 19 September 1887, were on tour with Evans & Hoey’s company in A Parlor Match.

‘The Evans & Hoey comedy company gave A Parlor Match at the Grand [Decatur] last night and despite the inclement weather had an audience of fair size. The comedy was presented by the talented comedians who are up in G in their business, and Hoyt’s best will never grow wearisome as long as Evans & Hoey pilot it through the country. The Sisters Levey are shapely girls and sized up pleasingly in their specialties. They male quartet was great in music and the silent drill.’
(The Decatur Republican, Decatur, Illinois, Friday, 20 February 1891, p.3d)


  1. Correction : The Sisters Levey consisted of Adéle, Carlotta & May Lilian (not Ethel Levey, who was an American actress)

    • Thank you for the correction. Yes, of course, you are correct and I cannot explain how Ethel came to be included here. I have long been a fan of Ethel Levey, having first encountered her (or, rather, her voice) in the mid 1960s when I found a copy of the HVM 12″ disc of her sharing with Walter Williams the duet, ‘Hold Me in Your Loving Arms,’ which they recorded on 26 January 1917. It remains one of my favourites today. Thanks again for drawing my attention to this silly mistake.

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