G.P. Huntley and Eva Kelly

February 16, 2013

G.P. Huntley (1868-1927), English actor
and Eva Kelly (Mrs G.P. Huntley, 1880-1948), American actress and singer
(photo: unknown, probably England, circa 1905)

G.P. Huntley and Eva Kelly on tour in the United States with Charles Angelo in Kitty Grey, Illinois Theatre, Chicago, December 1910 ‘Chicago, Jan. 2 [1910] – Kitty Grey, an English musical comedy production at the Illinois, proved a graceful entertainment. G.P. Huntley, the star of the company, delighted the audience Monday night. His vapid talk of a brainless English lord contained many a witty and humorous point, which he delivered in a masterly manner. There was much praise of him in the reviews and many compliments for the production. Charles Angelo’s King of Illyria was exceedingly clever. Mr. Angelo has a pleasing voice and makes the most of several good songs which fall to his part. James E. Elhern introduced a good deal of low comedy, which seemed entirely acceptable. Gladys Claire was sincere, sweet-voiced and pretty in the title-rôle, and Eva Kelly made Lady Binfield bright and popular. Nellie Daly was a brisk maid with some acrobatic contributions. The scenery was sumptuous.’
(The New York Dramatic Mirror, New York, Saturday, 8 January 1910, p.12a)


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