Annette Kellerman

March 5, 2013

‘A Flight of Fancy: Annette Kellerman Deserts the Water for the Air.’

Annette Kellerman (1887-1975), Australian swimmer, dancer and film star
(photos: Clearly’s Photo Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, arranged by The Sketch, London, 1916)

‘A well-built war “plane” fitted with ailerons and “stays” complete, which any airman would be proud to pilot: Miss Annette Kellerman in her new aeroplane costume.
‘Miss Annette Kellerman, the famous Australian swimmer and dancer, has given many entertainments in aid of various war funds. On the occasion at which she was seen arrayed as above, she was the star performer in a huge benefit, the receipts of which were to be used in supplying aeroplanes to the Allies. In order to carry out the spirit of the affair in an appropriate manner, she devised this unique costume. It is made of material of a silvery sheen, with aeroplane designs in Rhinestones. At the present time Miss Kellerman is busy [in Jamaica] with the leading part in her latest film-play, A Daughter of the Gods, the production of which is estimated to cost a million dollars. She scored a great success in her first film part in Neptune’s Daughter, and hopes to go even better in the new piece.’
(The Sketch, London, Wednesday, 5 April 1916, supplement, pp.4 and 5)


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