‘The Princess’s Rifles,’ 1859

March 15, 2013

a carte de visite photograph (a contemporary copy of a larger print) of ladies of ‘The Princess’s Rifles,’ who appeared in the pantomime Jack the Giant Killer; or, Harlequin King Arthur and Ye Knyghts of Ye Rounde Table, produced by Augustus Harris at the Princess’s Theatre, Oxford Street, London, at Christmas 1859 (photo: Camille Silvy, London, 1859/60;
retailed by Lacy, Theatrical Bookseller, 89 Strand, London, WC)

‘The distinguished corps, ”The Princess’s, Rifles,” whose evolutions have been the subject of such general admiration during the run of the Princess’s pantomime, have made a handsome volunteer offering of a silver cup to Mr. Augustus Harris, as a testimony to the courtesy and kindness he has evinced to the ladies of the ballet since the theatre has been under his management.’
(Reynolds’s Newspaper, London, Sunday, 11 March 1860, p. 5b)

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