Sisters Cruvelli

March 20, 2013

a carte de visite of the three Sisters Cruvelli
(photo: unknown, probably mid/late 1870s)

‘WANTED, BALLET LADIES (must be Good Dancers and Figures) for the Sisters Cruvelli’s Ballet Troupe. Constant and comfortable engagement all the year round to competent Ladies. Cartes-de-visite returned if desired.
‘Address, New Star Music Hall, Leith, Edinburgh.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 27 September 1874, p 15c, advertisement)

‘DERBY. CORN EXCHANGE. – Messrs Coleman and Whiteside (good Negro comedians) head the bill this week. Mr and Mrs Frank Harold (duettists) have been re-engaged. The Sisters Cruvelli (danseuses) are successful. De Vanu is a daring gymnast. Business good.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 12 August 1877, p. 6b)

‘OPERETTA HOUSE. – The new arrivals here are Ada French, Louie Denton, Messrs Henry and Barron, Miss Essie Braddon, the Sisters Adele, Laura and Florence Cruvelli, and Mr Will Briscoe. The Picardo Picanninies are still here.’
(The Era, London, Sunday, 25 November 1877, p. 7c)

‘THE GAIETY. – Manager, Mr G.J. Cruvelli. – Mr. Bostock, one of the cleverest comic singers we have ever had here, and now one of the greatest favourites with the patrons of this house, reappeared on Monday with his usual success. The Sister Cruvelli, operatic dancers, have also been engaged, and have been well received during the week in a selection of brilliantly executed evolutions.’
(The Era, Sunday, 9 December 1877, p. 7d)

‘EMM AMONG THE ZULUS. – This evening’s representation of Emm’s Adventures among the Zulus will being the successful spectacle to a close, as the popular comedian is announced to appear in Swansea on Thursday night. The Zulu extravaganza is certainly very amusing, and Mr. Emm has nightly elicited shouts of laughter at his surprising exploits among the dusky warriors, and his various narrow escapes have been productive of much merriment. A large number of artistes take part in the representation, and some of the ”makes up” are admirable. Several local hits tell immensely, and those who have not see Emm among the Zulus cannot do better than arrange a visit for this evening. The three Sisters Cruvelli nightly appear in a series of ballet divertisements, and the dramatic portion of this evening’s entertainment will be the French romantic drama Cartouche, played in four acts of great interest, in which Messrs. Murray, Emm, and the capital company with appear.’
(The Western Mail, Cardiff, Wales, Wednesday, 11 June 1879, p. 4d)

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