vocal score of Harry Day’s revue, Rockets, 1922

March 27, 2013

cover of the vocal score of Harry Day’s revue, Rockets, devised and staged by Charles Henry, with lyrics by Ernest Melvin and music by Joseph A. Tunbridge, produced at the London Palladium on 25 February 1922
(published by B. Feldman & Co, London, 1922)

This score comprises the following songs, all by Melvin and Tunbridge:
‘Eden Down in Bond Street’
‘Variety Queen’
‘There’s a Sugar-Coated Cupid’
‘Isle of Southern Splendour’
‘That Lovin’ Trombone Man’
‘Harem Days’
‘Automobile Car’
‘Klaxon Horn Jazz’

Interpolated numbers furnished by Herman Darewski are not included in the score.

Among the cast of Rockets were Charles Austin, Ivor Vintor, and Lorna and Toots Pounds. The production ran for 491 performances, closing on 9 December 1922.


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