April 1, 2013

a cabinet photograph of Marie Majilton (née Berrington, fl. late 1860s-1890s) of the English acrobatic dancers The Majiltons, who achieved considerable success in the United States in the 1870s
(photo: Sarony, New York, circa 1872)

‘Of the Majilton troupe, billed for the Opera House Nov. 10 [1874], the Philadelphia Bulletin speaks in this complimentary fashion:
‘The celebrated Majilton family now performing at Col. Woods’ Museum, consists of three members – Marie Majilton, Charles Majilton and Frank Majilton. They all occupy advanced positions in the school of art adopted by the troupe, and are natural comedians as well as agile dancers and expressive pantomimists. In the grotesque branch of their profession they are also proficient. The new piece now running at the Museum was written for the Majiltons by Frank Green, of London, and under the title of “Farrago,” which means a medley, shows the adventures and mishaps of a part of French country people, men and women in Paris, surrounded by the sights, acts, plots and scenes of that fascinating metropolis. The Majiltons are admirable, and infuse such a degree of life, animation and spirit into their parts as to draw from the audience continued laughter and applause. Their acting and dancing are alike received with universal praise and commendation. One of the enjoyable features of the evening’s entertainment is an original and sparkling medley overture, entitled Farrago, introducing solos for violin, flute, cornet and trombone, arranged expressly for the Majiltons by Mr. Fred Perkins.’
(Nashville Union and American, Nashville, Tennessee, Friday, 6 November 1874, p. 4b)


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