Chase Me company on tour, 1914

April 7, 2013

the Chase Me company on tour, 1914
(photo: Edward Cox, Margate, 1914)

Chase Me, a revue in seven scenes, by John P. Harrington, with music by Alec Hemley, was first produced at the Islington Empire, north London, on 30 March 1914 prior to a tour of the United Kingdom provinces.

John P. Harrington (1865-1939) was a prolific writer of lyrics for music hall and other popular songs, including the following written for Marie Lloyd: ‘Tricky Little Trilby’ (1895), ‘Everything in the Garden’s Lovely’ (1898), ‘The Girl in the Khaki Dress’ (1900), ‘The Coster’s Wedding’ (1902), ‘The Coster’s Christening’ (1904), ‘The Directoire Girl’ (1908) and ‘Put On Your Slippers’ (1911).

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