Millie Hylton

April 11, 2013

Millie Hylton (1868-1920), English actress and singer, tells a story, 1909
(photo: Alfred Ellis & Walery, London, circa 1900)

‘“Oh, You Coward!”
‘Miss Millie Hylton, the well known vaudeville actress, told a good story of an incident which occurred when she was touring in Holland some time ago. In the company in which she was playing there was a well known lion tamer who had a termagant of a wife, and at every rehearsal the ill-assorted couple were quarrelling bitterly. One night matters came to a crisis. The lion tamer had just finished his performance, and was bowing himself off the stage amid the plaudits of the audience when his wife made a grab at him and began to belabor him soundly. The poor fellow stood it as long as he could then suddenly he broke from her grasp, and flying toward the cage of his fiercest lion, he opened the door and popped in. For some time the virago stood and taunted him in a vain endevor to induce him to come out but the lion tamer was not to be moved. At last, after she had exhausted every possible epithet, she put her face close to the bars and hissed out: “Oh, you coward!”’
(from Woman’s Life, The La Crosse Tribune, La Crosse, Wisconsin, Wednesday, 10 March 1909, p.3g)

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