Gabrielle Ray

May 2, 2013

Gabrielle Ray (neé Gabrielle Elizabeth Clifford Cook, 1883-1973), English musical comedy actress and dancer
(photo: circa 1902)

Theatre Royal, Brighton, August 1902
‘On Saturday evening we strolled forth, and later dropped in at one of the Promenade Concerts, which appear to be as popular as ever at Brighton. On Monday [3 August 1902], hearing that Polite Lunatic Sullivan was ”showing” here in the Casino Girl, we sought Mr. Cecil Beryl’s Theatre Royal, which seems to hold its own still, and witnessed an excellent performance of the Old Shaftesbury success by one of the Ben Greet companies [managed by Bannister Howard]. Miss Gabrielle Ray proved a wonderful attraction, as might have been expected. ”Gabs” they call her at Brighton, and by Gad! sir, they’re no bad judges either. Our friend, an ardent Yorkshireman, could find no interest in the proceeding when ”Gabs” was out of the picture. But there were others.’
(Judy: The London Serio-Comic Journal, London, Wednesday, 6 August 1902, p. 376a)

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