Johnnie Caine of Harry W. Williams junior’s Imperial Burlesquers

May 3, 2013

Harry W. Williams junior’s Imperial Burlesquers, including Johnnie Caine and Snitz Moore of Caine and Moore, American entertainers (fl. Late 19th/earlt 20th Century), to appear at the Lyceum Theatre, Washington, D.C., November 1903
(photo: Feinberg, New York, circa 1903)

‘The Lyceum will present during the ensuing week Harry W. Williams, jr.’s, Imperial Burlesquers. The two sketches will be called ”His Sporty Wire” and ”Off to the Front.” The company includes Frank Byron, Cliff Gordon, Byron and Langdon, Patti Carney, Evens and St. John, Johnnie Cain and Snitz Moore, Edna Urline and Grace Forrest Burke, the Sheldon Sisters, and a chorus of twenty-five.’
(The Washington Times, Washington, D.C., Sunday, 15 November 1903, Second Section, p. 2d)


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