Pauline Chase

May 4, 2013

Pauline Chase (1885-1962), American actress
(photo: Bassano, London, circa 1909)

‘Pauline Chase, once known as ”the pink pajama [sic] girl,” because of the sex of the nightie worn by her in The Liberty Belles, still regards the title role of ‘Peter Pan as her greatest achievement. She has played this part a great many times in London. Miss Chase has just published a selection from innumerable letters she has received from children about the Barrie play. In one part of the book she tells how she sometimes has to receive the children in her dressing room, and how awkward it is when they ask questions about whether Peter Pan is really a boy. ”A young gentleman of about six,” she says, ”was brought to see me, and I gathered from his introductory remarks that his big brother had made him uneasy about my sex. He put two cunning test questions to me, probably suggested by the brother. The first was, ‘Can you whistle?’ By great good luck I could whistle that day. Then, ‘What do you think of kissing?’ he asked, anxiously. ‘Rotten,’ I said. He was immensely relieved. Then I knew I was all right.”’
(Los Angeles Herald Sunday Magazine, Los Angeles, Sunday, 7 February 1909, p. 7)

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