Harry Edson

May 6, 2013

Harry Edson (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century), American canine entertainer, and ‘his wonderful musical dog comedian,’ Doc the 3rd, ‘the dog with human brain and gold teeth.’
(photo: unknown, circa 1907)

Alhambra, Leicester Square, London, week beginning Monday, 22 December 1902
”’Doc” on His Dignity.
‘Mr. Harry Edson, who is showing his very clever performing dog ”Doc” at the Alhambra, has been giving a dog show for many years, and this is his third dog. The first time he shot the gun during the act the dog decamped; now he goes on saying his prayers as if nothing were happening.
‘Why ”Doc”? Mr. Edson joined a travelling music-and-medicine show – a kind of Sequah fit-up; and the chief, who was ”the doctor,” christened the dog ”Doc.” It takes Mr. Edson six months daily preparation to teach ”Doc” a new trick, but the little chap understands everything he says now. It is an amusing experience to have a formal introduction to little ”Doc.” He surveys you with frigid calm till he catches your name, and then he offers you his paw. Mr. Edson, though he looks six feet on stage, is really a little fellow. How is this?’
(Daily Express, London, Wednesday, 17 December 1902, p. 2g)

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