Pauline Hall

May 8, 2013

Pauline Hall (1860-1919), American actress and singer, at Chase’s, Washington, D.C., week beginning 20 August 1906
(photo: unknown, probably New York, circa 1895)

‘Chase’s has picked for the present week of polite vaudeville, commencing at the matinee to-morrow, a number of the choicest attractions of the new season, and especially prominent in the number of offerings this week will be Pauline Hall, affectionately esteemed “Queen of Comic Opera.” It has been several seasons since Miss Pauline Hall appeared in polite vaudeville, the interim being occupied by starring tours in revivals of the comic operas she made famous in the days when those tuneful composition were most admirable and best appreciated. In the knowledge that the Chase patrons are staunch admirers of Miss Hall, Chase’s went to extraordinary efforts to bring about the singing of the prima donna for the present week. Miss Hall will sing the vocal gems from her famous roles in the operas with which her name is inseparably associated, and she will enhance the popularity of this revival of old favorites by appearing in the costumes appropriate to each of the noted parts.’
(The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Sunday, 19 August 1906, Third Part, p.4d)


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