May 10, 2013

Kitty Gordon (1878–1974), English actress and singer
(photo: unknown, probably USA, circa 1916)

Kitty Gordon in The Divine Sacrifice, 1918
‘The women of this city will all want to see the many new gowns which Kitty Gordon, the international famous beauty, wears in The Divine Sacrifice, her new World-Picture Brady-Made in which she will be seen tonight at the Show Shop theatre.
‘Miss Gordon wears a number of the newest and smartest frocks in this production and it is interesting to know that a number of New York modists make a point of copying the designs which are originated by Miss Gordon. In other words, this famous actress sets the styles for a great many people as they were duplicates of the gowns which she first wears in World-Picutres.
‘All the women of this city will also be vitally interested in The Divine Sacrifice, as it is a story of mother love. Miss Gordon is seen in the role of Madeline Spencer, a particularly forceful role. Her own daughter, Vera Beresford – Kitty Gordon’s real name is the Honorable Lady Beresford – appears in the role of June, Madeline Spencer’s daughter. Added interest is given to the picture by this appearance of mother and daughter in the role of mother and daughter on the screen.
The Divine Sacrifice is a particularly fast-moving production. The action is swift and interesting from the first unusual scene with which the picture [begins] to the very conclusion.’
(Middletown Daily Times-Press, Middletown, USA, Thursday, 4 April 1918, p.9e)


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