Lily Cole

May 11, 2013

Lily Cole (fl. Early 20th Century), the English lady baritone and burlesque actress
(photo: unknown, United Kingdom, circa 1905)

The Opera House, Auckland, New Zealand, Saturday evening, 4 November 1905
‘Miss Lily Cole, who comes direct from the Palace Theatre, London, with a reputation as a burlesque actress and lady baritone singer, acquitted herself in a way that satisfied her hearers she had not been overrated. Miss Cole was billed to sing ”My Irish Molly” and ”Loveland,” which songs she rendered in a rich, full baritone voice that is exceedingly rare in one of her sex, and appealed to her hearers with such force that they refused to part with her until she had acceded to their demands for an encore. In addition to her other charms, Miss Lily Cole’s stage presence is a very fine one, and she is undoubtedly destined to become an Opera House favourite during her season in Auckland.’
(The Auckland Star, Auckland, New Zealand, Monday, 6 November 1905, p. 6b)

The Opera House, Auckland, New Zealand, week beginning Monday, 13 November 1905
‘The Fuller combination at the Opera House has done good business for the last week. The new programme of Saturday night was quite up to the company’s standard of quality and popularity. Ajax the flexible gave a new series of clever contortion feats, doubling himself up into the most amazing figures. The lady baritone, Miss Lily Cole, showed her remarkable quality of voice (and incidentally her handsome costumes) in ”Sing Me To Sleep,” and ”The Swallows and the Airship;” Will Lochrane let himself go in various forms of Scottish comicality; and Malvena Moore’s songs and top boot speciality dance, and the musical and comic efforts of Fred Rosevear, Eileen Murray, the Stephanos, Sam Wilson, Charles Moody, and the rest of the merry party, made up one of John Fuller’s usual bright bills.’
(The Observer, Saturday, 18 November 1905, p. 7a)


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