Nina Martino

May 11, 2013

Nina Martino (fl. late 19th/early 20th Century),
French actress and variety artist
(photo: unknown, late 1890s; Ogden’s Guinea Gold cigarette card, issued circa 1900)

Nina Martino joins the cast of A Gaiety Girl for a tour of the United States and Australia, 1894/95
‘Twenty years ago managers would as soon have thought of flying as undertaking a tour around the whole English-speaking globe. Now such enterprises are of quite common occurrence. Early in September [1894] George Edwards [sic] sends to America a powerful burlesque company, whose tour will open with a ten weeks’ season in New York. Their principal piece is A Gaiety Girl, which has been such a phenomenal success at the Prince of Wales. But In Town will also be played. After visiting the principal cities in the United States, the company will sail from San Francisco for Australia, and will not return to England until July, 1895, so that the tour will last altogether ten months. Several interesting engagements have been made by George Edwards [sic] in connection with the English tour of A Gaiety Girl. Nina Martino, of La Petite Parisienne fame, will play the important part of Mina, and two sons of Nellie Farren will also be in the cast. Miss Martino is now having dancing and fencing lessons at the expense of the management.’
(St. Paul Daily Globe, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Sunday, 22 July 1894, p. 9a)


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