June 9, 2013

Dolly Elsworthy (née Zoe Adelina Elsworthy Redgrave, 1876-1958), variety actress and pantomime principal boy
(photo: USA Studios, London and Provinces, circa 1910)

Dolly Elsworthy is chiefly remembered because her brother, the actor Roy Redgrave was the father of Sir Michael Redgrave. She is, therefore, the great aunt of Vanessa, Lynn and Corin Redgrave.

Miss Elsworthy was married in 1898 to Cyril William Doughty (1875-1946), a wine merchant.

* * * * *

Grand Palace of Varieties, Sheffield, week beginning Monday, 27 February 1899
‘Miss Dolly Elsworthy, a vivacious songstress and dancer, gave a new addition to the history of Flo, the golden-haired damsel, which was thoroughly enjoyed. She afterwards detailed her troubles in a bicycle ride, and tearfully wanted to borrow a mount.’
(The Sheffield and Rotherham Independent, Sheffield, Tuesday, 28 February 1899, p. 8d)


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