June 9, 2013

Leslie & Vandergrift (fl.1922-1930), ‘The California Poppy & The Sap’, American vaudeville entertainers
(photo: unknown, USA, circa 1928)

Early appearances together of Norma Leslie (1902/04-still living in 1950), ‘a pretty blonde with an unusually sweet and clear voice’, and Monte Vandergrift (né John Montanye Vandergrift, 1893-1939, grandson of Jacob Vandergift), pianist and accompanist, include their parts in the cast of The Bootleggers at the 39th Street Theatre, New York (27 November 1922), prior to a tour of the United States. The couple were married in 1927, he having divorced his first wife, Sybil, who had been his father’s second wife (The New York Times, New York, 26 March 1922; New York Tribune, New York, Sunday, 30 April 1922, p. 4e). Afterwards Leslie & Vandergrift appeared on the American vaudeville circuit. Mr and Mrs Vandergrift settled in Los Angeles about 1930 where he became a prominent film extra until his sudden death of a heart attack on 29 July 1939. Mrs Vandergrift, under her maiden name, also appeared in a few films.

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