The Millman Trio

June 13, 2013

The Millman Trio (fl. early 20th Century), American wire walkers
Dyke F. Engleman (1868-1943), Genevieve ‘Jennie’ Engleman (née Patton, 1867-1941) and their daughter, Bird Millman (1890-1940)
(photo: unknown, circa 1910)

Chase’s Theatre, Washington DC, April, 1910
‘Chase’s – George Auger’s Company.
‘Chase’s next week will set before the patrons of polite vaudeville George Auger and his mixed company of gigantic and liliputian comedians in the English music hall version of Jack, the Giant Killer, as played at the Drury Lane Theater, London, on the annual boxing day holiday. The added attractions will be Haines and Vidocq, blackface comedians. Music lovers will have an opportunity to appreciate the merits of “The” Quartet. Another special offering will be the Millman trio, in which Miss Bird Millman is the stellar performer, and of whom it is said she can do a better dance on a wire than most people can do on a polished floor. Johnny Stanley and Elida Morris, the three Richardsons in The New Pupil, and Rubens the foreign transparency painter, complete the bill.’
(The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Sunday, 10 April 1910, Magazine Section, p.2f)


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