Zelie De Lussan

June 13, 2013

Zélie De Lussan (1861-1949), American-born mezzo-soprano (photo: unknown, probably USA, circa 1890)

Zélie De Lussan in vaudeville at the Colonial Theatre, New York, April 1908
‘Songs by a Prima Donna.
Zelie De Lussan, who has been in vaudeville since early in the season, made her New York debut as a “twice a day” singer at the Colonial. It is quite evident from her performance that Mlle. De Lussan was not forced to enter the new field on account of waning powers, as her voice is as full and fresh as ever, and she sings with the same charm of manner that has captivated audiences in the principal opera houses of the world. She began with the “Habanera” from Carmen, in French, which was followed by Maud White’s “Spring” and “The Bee,” in English. “La Paloma” in Spanish, was the concluding number, and seemed to be the most popular of her selections. Mlle. De Lussan’s repertoire is splendidly adapted for vaudeville, as the songs show her voice to advantage and do not tax the patience of those who do not care for the average selections from grand opera.’
(The New York Dramatic Mirror, New York, Saturday, 25 April 1908, p.17a)


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