Andrée Mielly

June 23, 2013

Andrée Mielly (fl. Early 20th Century), French actress, as she appeared in Who’s the Lady?
(photo: Medrington’s Ltd, Liverpool, 1914)

Andrée Mielly’s appearances in the United Kingdom occurred around the beginning of the First World War. The first was on tour in 1914 in an English version of Who’s the Lady?, a French farce, in which she played Gobette opposite George Bealby’s Cyprien Gaudet. The piece had first opened in London at the Garrick Theatre on 22 November 1913 with the well-known Scottish actress, Jean Aylwin as Gobette and J. Farren Soutar as Gaudet.

Mdlle. Mielly was next seen in London at the Duke of York’s Theatre, 20 November 1915, in L’Enfant Prodigue, a wordless musical play. She played Pierrot junior to Gilbert Dalleu’s Pierrot senior; other members of the cast were Louis Gouget as the Baron, George Welch as the servant, Eugénie Nau as Mme. Pierrot, and Yvonne Arnaud as Phrynette. L’Enfant Prodigue was revived at the Kingsway Theatre on 12 February 1916 with a different cast, including Margaret Manning (who was replaced during the run by Andrée Mielly) as Pierrot junior.



  1. I possess a small cut-out wooden figure 8 Ins. High of Andree Mielly as Pierrot obviously a souvenir of the production. I am very pleased to have finally discovered the name of the play and a little about the actress, the figure is one of my favourite objects

    • How interesting… Theatrical souvenirs were very popular in those days and came in all sorts of forms, from books to silver match cases and lavender-filled cushions. Some of them are very are and you are fortunate to have this one of Andrée Mielly.

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