June 23, 2013

Ruth Vincent (née Amy Ruth Bunn, 1873-1955), English soprano and actress, with her son, John Fraser (1906-1977)
(photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, probably 1907)

Ruth Vincent was born in Norfolk on 3 December 1873, one of several children of Henry Vincent Bunn (1831/32-1892), a butcher of the Marketplace, Great Yarmouth, and his wife, Emma (née Long, 1843/44-1913?), who were married in 1869. Miss Vincent married Lt. Col. John Fraser of the Royal Horse Guards in 1898 and their son, John was born in 1906. The latter eventually became business manager to the dress designer, Michael Sherard (1910-1998), a former assistant of Peter Russell.

One of Ruth Vincent’s sisters, Margaret Vincent Bunn (1877-1953), was the actress and singer, Madge Vincent. The latter married the actor and comedian Harry Franckeiss (otherwise Frankiss) in 1901, by whom she had a daughter, Betty Frankiss (born 1912), who was also an actress and singer.


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