Ada Reeve in Durban, 1909, and Chicago, 1911

August 8, 2013

Ada Reeve (1874-1966), English actress and singer, with a Zulu rickshaw boy in Durban on her visit to South Africa in 1909
(photo: unknown, Durban, South Africa, 1909)

‘Chicago, Ill., Nov. 1 [1911] (Special to The Billboard). – It is not characteristic of we Americans to acknowledge inferiority, but we must this week make an exception to the rule. Two European artists appeared as the feature attractions at the Majestic, and both proved themselves worthy of such positions. Ada Reeve delightfully charming, winsome, magnetic, beautiful and, well, we could apply flattering adjectives by the score and not do full justice to this clever artist. When one thinks of the great nervous strain under which Miss Reeve made her initial American appearance, she is to be doubly congratulated. She came as a sort of a lightning flash to the Majestic. Her billing did not reach the house management until last Thursday, and her photos arrived late Saturday night. There was no opportunity for the justified publicity in featuring such a star as Miss Reeve, still she managed to set a new record in Hitdom by her clever work. Miss Reeve has never before appeared in an American theatre, through in dear old Lun’on she is the pet of the aristocracy. She landed in New York on Thursday morning; made a flying trip half way across the States and opened to a capacity house on Monday afternoon. We greeted her cordially and extended a welcome to her which seemed to be received with much gratitude. After a wee minute of nervousness she accepted us as friends and proceeded to impel a real ”glad-to-meet-you” feeling. Her songs are light and of the cheer-up variety, and are rendered in a sweet voice emitted through constant smiles. We applauded her roundly after her first effort, and though she had been one of us less than a week, she ”came back” in a true American spirit. Ada Reeve has established herself in the hearts of Chicago’s theatregoing public through her appearance at the Majestic this week, and doubtless a very short space of time will make her name known as well, if not better than that of Vesta Victoria.
‘Simone De Beryl, a product of sunny France, and late of the Folies Bergere [was the other attraction at the Majestic.]’
(The Billboard, Chicago, 11 November 1911, p. 9a)


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