Gabrielle Ray – ‘How to be Beautiful,’ 1908

August 10, 2013

Gabrielle Ray (1883-1973), English musical comedy actress and dancer
(photo: W. & D. Downey, London, circa 1906)

‘HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL … A Difficult Question.
‘THIS is a very difficult question indeed. I have really not begun to think about preserving beauty. I do not use any kind of cosmetiques or powder. Before motoring in a gold wind I put a little cold cream on my face. I am sure that grease paint improves the complexion and preserves the skin.
‘ I always douche my face with cold water after washing with warm. Then I ride, and in the summer, swim. Walking is, of course, very good. I get up about nine o’clock whatever time I go to bed.
‘I eat what I like and drink what I like, and do everything that is contrary to the rules laid down by the medical profession, the vegetarians, and their like.
‘I should like very much to hear of a process for preserving beauty. Even my Gollywogs get dusty, and I have to pack them in a parcel and send them to be renovated. One day I may have to do this myself unless someone finds the secret of beauty that will never need preserving.’
(‘HOT TO BE BEAUTIFUL. Eight Beautiful Women Give Eight Effective Recipes,’ Daily Mail, London, Wednesday, 19 February 1908, p. 9e)


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