The Kebbles

September 4, 2013

The Kebbles (fl. 1909-1915), English duettists and dancers
(photo: Hamptons, 195 ½ Argyll Street, Glasgow & 21 Esplanade, Largs, North Britain, circa 1912)

Nora Kebble, whose real name is said to have been Keeble, was the daughter of Sam and Blanche Ranson (The Ransons, entertainers). She was born in London about 1886. During the 1890s she appeared in music halls, billed as Little Nora, child burlesque actress and dancer. By 1897 she was working as Nora Kebble, with further music hall appearances and also in pantomime. She was joined probably in 1909 by a partner, Edie (Edith Mary ?, who was born in Liverpool about 1893) and together they appeared as The Kebbles until the latter was married about 1915 to the comedian Scotch Kelly (James Steele). He died at his home on the Isle of Man in 1967. Nora Kebble, meanwhile, resumed her solo career for a short time but died in 1917.


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