Lily Vane, tank performer, with ‘Professor’ Walter Beaumont, Australia, 1892

September 8, 2013

Lily Vane (1868?-?), English swimmer, the ‘Amphibious Queen,’ who during the 1890s performed with ‘Professor’ Walter Beaumont (1854-1924)
(cabinet photo: Herbert, 28 Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia, circa 1892)

‘It is generally admitted by public entertainers that anyone who brings a good show to Rockhampton is well patronised, and Mr. Fillis has by this time, no doubt, recognised this. His circus troupe gave its second performance last evening, to an audience quite as large as on the opening night. It is to be regretted that the misfortune that overtook Mr. Fillis in the North is sill following him in his journey down the coast. One of the features of Thursday night’s entertainment was the exhibition of four handsome Hungarian entire horses. The same item was set down for last evening; but owing to the death, in the early morning, of one of the animals, it ha be be omitted. The programme differed very little from that noticed in our last issue. It was well varied, amusing, and entertaining from start to finish, and comprised one or two acts new to Rockhampton circus-goers. Chief among the latter was the aquatic performance in a crystal glass tank of Professor Beaumont, Miss Lily Vane, and Little Alice. The tank was set up near the entrance from the dressing-tent; it was brilliantly lighted, and also heated by gas. The professor has been styled the ”man fish,” and he is certainly thoroughly at home in water. With Miss Vane, he, while seated at the bottom of the tank, played a game of cards, smoking all the time a cigar. The cards over, Miss Vane did some fancy work, and the more youthful performer went through some very clever tumbling feats. Professor Beaumont was immersed, although, 3 mins. 28 ½ sec. To-day two exhibitions will be given – one in the afternoon for the convenience of children, to which the inmates of the Orphanage have been invited; the other in the evening. At the latter several new features will be introduced, including a trained tiger. This animal will appear in the ring, which, for the time being, will be enclosed with an iron fence.’
(The Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, Saturday, 8 October 1892, p. 5d)

‘WANTED, Known, Miss Lily Vane, Champion Tank Performer, just finished successful Tour round the World, requires Engagement. Performed last at Rhyl. Letters, 11, Argyle-street, Allerton, Bradford, Yorks.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 28 October 1893, p. 22c)

Pier Annexe, Llandudno, Wales, July 1895
‘Professor Beaumont, swimmer, gives two performances here daily, ably assisted by Miss Alice Beaumont and Miss Lily Vane.’
(The Era, London, Saturday, 27 July 1895, p. 18a)


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