Gabrielle Ray as the boy, So-Hie in See-See at the Prince of Wales’s Theatre, London, 1906

September 10, 2013

Gabrielle Ray (1883-1973), English musical comedy dancer and actress, as she appeared as the Chinese boy, So-Hie in See-See, the ‘Chinese’ comic opera produced at the Prince of Wales’s Theatre, London, on 20 June 1906.
(photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, 1906)

See-See at the Prince of Wales’s, produced last night, 20 June 1906
‘… We move on to Checo’s garden – a very fine set. Enter Mr. W.H. Berry as Checo. He sings a poor song. A topical Song, ”British Slavery,” falls to Mr. Huntley Wright and wakes things up a bit. (Invincible musical comedy!) Follows a rather funny scene between Mr. Wright and Mr. Berry, and a not very funny duet. Then comes one of Miss Gabrielle Ray’s dainty little dances; oddly enough, it falls flat… . Miss Gabrielle Ray is attractive in a queer, impish, restless, gracelessly gracefuly way of her own. If she would cultivate a more gentle way of speaking; and refrain from taking the audience into her confidence with almost every line, she would be wholly delightful… .’ (Daily Mail, London, Thursday, 21 June 1906, p. 7e)

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