Ronald Buchanan as Nuitane in Aloma on tour in the United Kingdom, 1926

November 9, 2013

Ronald Buchanan (active 1920-1940), English actor as Nuitane on a United Kingdom tour during 1926 and 1927 of Aloma, a Tale of the South Sea) in which he played opposite Iris Darbyshire in the title role, accompanied by Darby Foster, Doris Sainsbury and others.
(photo: unknown, probably 1926; postcard by Fielding, Leeds)

During the first London run of Aloma, which began at the Adelphi Theatre on 21 May 1926, Ronald Buchanan played the part of ‘Shorty’ and Aloma by Vivienne Osborne.

A contemporary note written on the reverse of this postcard reads: ‘Mr. C Ronald Buchanan as ‘Nuitane’ in ‘Aloma’. His attire is skant in this role, but his acting is fine. He is a splendid physique of a man. Oct. 18 1926.’


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