La Malaguenita in the ballet Carmen, Alhambra, Leicester Square, London, 1912

November 10, 2013

La Malaguenita (active 1912), Spanish dancer, as she appeared in the revival of the ballet Carmen, choreographed by Augustin Berger and produced at the Alhambra, Leicester Square, London, on 24 January 1912.
(photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, 1912)

‘OUR LONDON LETTER … JAN. 27 [1912].
Carmen, in the shape of a ballet, was revived at the Alhambra on Wednesday night. The present production is vastly better than the first, some two or three years ago [actually 7 May 1903], which had Guerara [Rosario Guerrero] for its heroine. The hand of Dion Calthrop Clayton, the new art director of the theatre, is apparent in the picturesque color scheme. The very atmosphere of Spain is reproduced. Alfred Moul, the managing director of the Alhambra, has for a long time been in Spain collecting characteristic dancers. He has certainly met with very great success. At the head of the importation is La Malaguenita, whose table dance is likely to be the sensation of the city. Mlle. Gaschewska [Anna Gaszewska], who was originally engaged to play Carmen, was suddenly prevented, but in her place Mr. Moul got Maria Le Bella, who gives a perfectly ideal performance. Bizet’s music is used, with the interpolation here and there of a composition by George Byng, the libretto maestro essential to ballet dancing. Carmen is likely to prove a great success.’
(The New York Clipper, New York, Saturday, 17 February 1912, p. 2a)


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