Birchmore & Lindon’s Gay Cadet Pierrots, Bournemouth, circa 1920

November 30, 2013

Birchmore & Lindon‘s Gay Cadet Pierrots (active about 1910-1930), Bournemouth, Dorset, south England
(snapshot photo: unknown, Bournemouth, circa 1920)

Tom Birchmore and Surrie Lindon both had experience in minstrel, pantomime and variety shows before they became a team about 1910 and established their Gay Cadet Pierrot shows, which took place during the summer months between about 1910 and 1930 on the beach at Bournemouth.

Birchmore, an American whose real name was Tom Moore, had spent some time in the late 1880s and 1890s with the Moore & Burgess Minstrels at St. James’s Hall, Piccadilly, London. He was also sometime with the Mowhawk Minstrels. He made at least one recording, for the Jumbo label, A28035/6, about 1910.


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