Frank Paull, English light comedian, vocalist and dancer

February 9, 2014

Frank Paull (active 1919-mid 1930s), English light comedian, vocalist and dancer, during 1923/24 in partnership with John Rorke
(photo: unknown, probably UK, circa 1923; repro postcard by S. Georges, London, circa 1923)

Frank Paull made various pantomine and music hall appearances during the 1920s, was with the concert party, Jollity in 1919 in which he was billed as a ‘ragtime dancer; and was also seen in a number of revues which toured the United Kingdom, including Thomas F. Convery’s Cheerful Days (1921); Tip-Top Topics (1924); Hello! Wembley (1924), in which he sang Al Jolson’s hit, ‘California, Here I Come’; Loose Leaves (1925); and Julius Darewski’s Twinkles (1925). During 1926 Frank Paull appeared with Max Erard and Zona Vevey in their touring production, The Menu. In 1927 he was in Ruby Hope and Sydney Mars’s ‘Entirely New Revuesisal Extravaganza, in 12 Clicking Snaps’ entitled Padlocks. Thereafter Frank Paull was with a number of concert parties before fading from view.

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