Maurice Farkoa, popular Anglo-French actor and singer, dies suddenly in New York, 1916

March 16, 2014

Maurice Farkoa (Maurice Georges Marie Farkoa, 1864?-1916), Anglo-French actor and singer
(snapshot photo: unknown, circa 1910)

‘Maurice Farkoa, musical comedy actor and singer, died March 21 [1916], in his apartment at 42 West 72d Street [Manhattan], following an attack of apoplexy.
‘He was born in 1867 [sic], in Smyrna, his father being French and his mother English. His first important success was in An Artist’s Model, at Daly’s, London, in 1895, and some of his best roles in London were in Kitty Grey, Three Little Maids, Lady Madcap, The Little Cherub, Miss Hook of Holland, My Mimosa Maid, Mitislow, or the Love Match, and Nightbirds.
‘His first American appearance was in 1903, when the London company appearing in Three Little Maids came to Daly’s Theatre [New York], on Sept. 1. Two years alater he again came to this country, and was seen in Dream City, The Magic Night and The Merry Countess, known in London as Nightbirds. Last Sping he had the leading role in To-Night’s the Night, and his last stage appearance was with Elsie Janis, in Miss Information. Mr. Farkoa also appeared in vaudeville.
‘Several months ago he became associated with an after theatre restaurant [Cabaret Mondain (of the Avenue de l’Opera, Paris), at 121] West Forty-fifth Street [Manhattan], which A.N. Fysher [the actor/singer and composer A Nilson Fysher, otherwise A. Nylson Fyscher], his cousin, opened.’
(The New York Clipper, New York, 8 April 1916, p. 25b)


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