Gabrielle Ray, on a tour of United Kingdom variety theatres, in song scenas, supported by Leslie Barker and ‘a bevy of charming children,’ 1920

April 10, 2014

Gabrielle Ray (1883-1973), English musical comedy dancer and actress, photographed for The Sketch about the time of her return to the stage in 1915. She afterwards appeared in revue and pantomime; she also toured United Kingdom variety theatres after opening at the London Palladium in song scenas with her then dancing partner, Leslie Barker.
(photo: The Sketch, London, 1915)

‘LONDON, Eng., April 17 [1920]. – Gabrielle Ray, the musical comedy comedienne, assisted by Leslie Barker, is offering a new turn in the variety halls here, consisting of a number of new song selections, characters bits and dances. The piece, which opened at the Palladium, London [on Monday, 22 March 1920, before an engagement at the Alhambra, Bradford], is a big hit.’
(The New York Clipper, New York, Saturday, 21 April 1920, p. 13a)

London Palladium, week beginning Monday, 13 September 1920
‘Aptly described as the musical comedy favourite, Gabrielle Ray, supported by Leslie Barker and a bevy of charming children, score an artistic success with a finely contrasted series of song-scenas and dances. The act is beautifully staged and is deservedly acclaimed.’
(The Stage, London, Thursday, 16 September 1920, p. 12c)


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