Harry Brayne, English actor and well-known pantomime dame

April 23, 2014

a postcard photograph of Harry Brayne (1864-1947), English actor and well-known pantomime dame, signed on 19 January 1907 while he was playing Cook in the pantomime Dick Whittington and His Famous Cat, at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham, which opened on 26 December 1906. Other members of the cast included Madelaine Du Val in the title role, and Gladys Huxley as Alice.
(photo: ‘RY,’ United Kingdom, circa 1906; postcard published about 1906 by The Rotary Photographic Co Ltd, London, Rotary Photographic Series, no. 4205 A)

Harry Brayne (Henry Francis Burkett Brayne) was born in the Lambeth district of London on 4 September 1864, and began his theatrical career about 1890. He was married twice; first to Esther E. Cornwell (1871-1914) in 1893 and second to Edith Annie Daniels in 1919. Harry Brayne died in London in 1947.


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